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This is the first time Ketcham Estates has offered their wine outside of their mailing list allocations, and we are proud to offer it for a limited, one-time only sale.


$38 each – $32.50 for 6 or more – 2 free passes to Pinot Days 2010 ($100 value) when you purchase a case. Order here

Michael Browne, (Wine Spectator has anointed him, ‘The Prince of Pinot’) from the famed Kosta Browne winery is the winemaker for this wine. Perfect for food pairings during the holidays, this wine will also make a special gift.

Special Discounts – Receive 15% off for a 6-pack purchase. Receive 15% off and 2 free passes to the Grand Festival of Pinot Days 2010 ($100 value) when you purchase a case. You may choose the location:

  • Los Angeles – January 2010
  • San Francisco – June 2010
  • Chicago – November 2010

Our tasting Notes:

Our tasting notes include sight, aromatics and palate. For more information, see our Tasting Techniques

  • Sight: This wine is clear, dark ruby red in color with a slight strawberry color rim variation. Big, slow teardrops with no color.
  • Aromatics: Light red fruits such as strawberry and raspberry.
  • Palate: Smooth and medium round texture. Fresh red fruit flavors of strawberry, raspberry with a bit or cedar and Dutch cocoa.

Food and wine

We suggest you pair the 2007 Pinot Noir with Coq au Vin.

Click here to find out more about this wine


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This event allows Indiewinemakers to search for small production, hard to find wines. Use this LINK to get free wine alerts when we begin our promotions this fall.

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If you know the characteristics of a wine varietal, you can blind taste a wine and give a pretty good estimate of the type of wine, age and region it came from. We’ve created a powerpoint that gives you a methodology to build these skills. We hope you enjoy and let us know if you have any success stories after following this process.

Here is the link to the powerpoint

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Let me be the first to warn you that my knowledge of wine is basic and is primarily influenced by an article on Chateau Mouton-Rothschild. As an Actor by trade I made sure to just stand back and observe the customs involved in wine tasting at a trade event.

The event itself was pretty stunning. Wines were displayed like museum pieces while in the center there was a table consisting of various breads, cheeses, and meats. I was free to taste and ponder to my hearts content. 

I was shocked, and at first repulsed to learn of the customs involved in a professional tasting. I envisioned myself quite the expert at twirling the wine in the glass, sniffing it, then sipping it, I was surprised to see everyone “spit” the nectar out! The images evoked while watching someone spit the wine into a silver “spittoon”, were reminiscent of those marble fountains of Puti and Eros. Or at least that is what I had to train my mind to accept it as. The shock quickly subsided as I proved myself to be quite a natural. While I knew nothing of tannins, sulfates, and fruit forward wine, I certainly was a professional when it came time to expunge the wine from my mouth. 

The tasting crowd ranged from restaurant entrepreneurs, wine educators and wine buyers. It was rather enjoyable to observe that everyone had their own personal nuances and traditions when it came to wine tasting. Time seamed to fly by as 10:30 became 3:00 in a matter of minutes. By the end of the event, I found I had made several new friends and business leads. The white table-cloths were no longer crisp and white, a sure sign that it was time to leave. Sluggishly I pulled myself together a crawled the three blocks home.

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